Who Needs Business English Letter Writing Skills?

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What To Expect From A Business English Letter Writing Course

Truth be told, people dread writing business letters in any language. Facing the prospect of writing a business letter in English when it’s not your mother tongue can be daunting.

It is often the case that a business letter is your first opportunity to make a good impression. The cover letter you write when applying for a job, for example, can determine whether your application is transferred to the interview pile or the waste paper basket.

A business English letter writing course not only shows you how to construct a business letter in English, but it will also expand your vocabulary and grammatical skills.

You will be tutored by a native English teacher who can help build confidence in your ability to communicate confidently, efficiently, and effectively in English. Not only in business settings, but in every situation when you are speaking English.


Who Needs Business English Letter Writing Skills? 

Anybody who’s seeking a career in administration, management, communication, law, business contracts, or secretarial posts should be able to write in business English to a good standard.

English is the default language in the business world. It is estimated that one billion people can speak English to a reasonable standard.

If English is the dominant language in business settings, it is important that ambitious individuals have the ability to prepare documents and possess effective professional business letter writing skills in English.


What Will I Learn at the Business English Letter Writing Course? 

Our Business English Letter Writing Course will teach you the following:

– Understanding and using business terms and expressions

– Writing effective business letters on a wide variety of topics

– Creating letters with correct syntax, grammar, spelling, and tone

– Using the appropriate layout needed to achieve your specific objective

– Being confident in your ability to project professionalism to the letter recipients

Business English Letter Writing Course will also teach you how to write effective cover letters, business e-mails, business proposals, legal English and any other type of business letter writing you personally need experience with.

Proofreading and spell-checking are extremely important as well.

Drafting a business proposal isn’t the same as writing a letter.

The business world is a competitive arena. E4P provides you with the skills to help you master the art of business English writing in a fast and efficient manner.


Specifics of a Business English Letter Writing Course

Business writing differs from less formal styles of writing in many ways.

The language is more formal – short-forms of words that would be used in text messaging should not be used

  • There’s a particular format you should follow
  • Your ideas should be presented in a logical, concise way
  • You should have grammatically-correct sentences and interconnected paragraphs
  • The right choice of words matter

Our business English letter writing course also concentrates on grammar, editing, proofreading, formal language, persuasive writing, and paragraph-structuring.

All our business English language courses in Vienna are run by professional native English speakers that have years of experience in the legal and business field.

To find out more, contact us today by completing the contact form or email info@e4p.at.

We will help you take your business English letter writing skills to the next level.


Glossary of terms:

Writing a business letter in English when it’s not your mother tongue can be daunting. (intimidating, frightening, unnerving)

…. project professionalism to the letter recipients (receiver, beneficiary)

write effective cover letters (the letter that accompanies your CV when applying for a job)


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