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Online courses, or e-learning, have been growing in popularity for the past decade. Even before the pandemic forced the global population online, the online learning market was racking up billions of dollars.

In Germany, the e-learning market is growing 8.5% year on year.

It shouldn’t really come as any surprise that online courses are becoming more popular than traditional classroom courses – especially amongst adults.

Individuals with jobs and young families don’t have the time to attend an English course at a university or college. Online English courses are also less expensive, and you save money by not having to commute or eat outside.

The benefits of learning English online are unquestionable. However, online courses are not the right choice for everybody. Even if the flexible schedule and convenience suit your lifestyle, you may not be suited to learning in online environments.

So, what should you expect from an online English course?


High-Quality Classes

You should expect an online English course to deliver a higher standard of learning. E-learning environments are more dynamic, expose you to a wider range of material and can be tailored to your learning needs.

The quality of your classes, of course, depends on your teacher’s knowledge and understanding of English and the resources available to you online. English courses online should be engaging, customised and designed to help you learn faster and more effectively.

E4P offer private English classes online and group sessions. In particularly, we cater for industry professionals in the medicine or legal fields together with leaders, speakers and VIPs.

Regardless of the online English class you sign up for, you can be assured that classes will be tailored to suit your precise needs. This is clearly much easier to do for students taking a private class, but our creative solutions pave the way for personalisation in groups as well.

Our priority is to increase your self-confidence when speaking in English. We do this by directing you to material that is relevant to you and enables you to considerably expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and help you to grasp grammar. Overall, you should anticipate speaking English to a far better standard than you do now no matter what level you are at. Our customised approach puts the focus on you so that we concentrate on the vocabulary you need on a day-to-day basis in both social and professional settings.


Is An Online English Course Right For You?

Online courses are a fairly new phenomenon. If you do not have any experience with e-learning, it’s understandable that you may have reservations as to whether an online English course is a good way for you to learn.

Let’s break this down to the basics. If you’re in full-time employment, or even full-time study and what to learn English as an extra-curricular activity, online English is an ideal option because it is more time-efficient than attending a college course.

If you’re the type of person who learns better with a focused approach that suits your way of learning, as opposed to the broad-brush teaching methods that are prevalent in institutionalised environments, an online English course is a better option.

Learning English online gives you access to native British teachers that personalise lessons for your benefit. However, you prefer to learn is the teaching method that is used. Because the online environment is private, it’s more adaptable.

Online English courses are also more cost-effective than college courses. We don’t have to charge extortionate fees to pay for physical facilities, utilities and staff like colleges do. And because you don’t have to travel anywhere, you avoid the costs of commuting and eating out.


Benefits of E-Learning

Although online learning is relatively new to students, various studies over the last half-decade or so have been undertaken to determine whether e-learning offers students more benefits than traditional learning.

The logical answer to that would suggest it depends on the student and the teacher. A study performed by California State University confirms the logical answer. Researchers found that the performance of students was no different online than it was in a traditional setting.

There was, however, one noticeable difference. Students said they felt less intimidated about participating in the online classes and they also felt they had a better-quality interaction with their professor.

The breadth of material that can easily be accessed online can also make online learning more dynamic, engaging and enjoyable. In an online English course, you can also expect more variety of material in your lessons including quizzes, English media, videos and interviews.

Thanks to a wide range of video availability, our native English speakers can give you more exposure to the wide array of English accents. This is great for the listening exercises because the way people pronounce words in English is extremely varied – and ultimately, difficult for students in DACH countries to understand.

For example, people in the north of England pronounce vowels with a harder sound than in the south of England. The u in the pub, for example, sounds more like ‚uh‘. In the south the u sounds more like a lower-case a.

Then there are English accents from the other British countries and colonies (or former colonies). Native English speakers can’t even understand one another so we sympathise with students learning English as a second language.


Private English Classes

The best way to learn English online is with a personal tutor. Private English classes are ideal for fast-tracking your language skills. Unlike a traditional classroom when a teacher has 30 to 40 pupils to take care of, in private online classes, you get the full attention of your tutor for the entire session.

Furthermore, private training is discrete and can be prepared in advance by your tutor. This gives you the freedom to focus on whatever course material you want.

For example, if you need to prepare a presentation for work or have an upcoming interview in English you want to practice, private sessions give you the opportunity to concentrate on whatever you need without compromising the privacy of the topic or your personal integrity.

Online sessions can be recorded so you can play them back repeatedly. This helps you to remember what you learnt in the class but also to practice listening to a native English person speak. It’s ideal for practising your pronunciation as well.

If you have an upcoming interview, recording your online sessions are a valuable asset. During the class, your tutor will take the role of an interviewer and run through a series of questions that may come up in the interview.

Recording your session not only gives you the opportunity to practice and refine the answers you gave whilst thinking on your feet but also gives you the opportunity to reconsider your answer. Repeating your answers also helps you to express yourself freely in English.

Classroom settings can also be stressful, especially for students that are shy and lack confidence. Studies show that stress also impairs learning and memory recall. Therefore, a traditional setting may impair your ability to pass the exam.

Our experienced tutors are used to working with shy students. Some people are shy even when they are working 1-2-1, but we’ve also noticed that when shy students are in the comfort of their own homes, they feel less pressure. Theoretically, an online setting will actually help some students to commit more lesson material to memory.


Customised Online English Course

Another way to customise your English grammar practice online is to practice using the English language in the way you need to use it – not the way that textbooks show you.

Studying English online is especially useful for professionals that need to speak English for their job. Professionals in specialist fields such as medicine and law can benefit from customised classes online given the language you use is predominantly industry related.

Our qualified tutors have many years of experience in teaching English to medical and legal professionals. We are familiar with a wide range of terms and can help you with the translation and pronunciation.

Customised English courses online give you the opportunity to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening to the vocabulary you actually are exposed to in the real world.

Our English teachers can work through industry-specific reports and news articles that are available online, prepare mock conversations, and assign tasks such as report writing, negotiating and emails. If required, we can even help you with a specific document, letter, or presentation you are currently working on.

In short, customised online lessons enable you to practice real-work English vocabulary and grammar thus enabling you to focus on developing the skills you need the most.


Creative Learning Techniques

E4P recognises that adult education should support self-direction and critical thinking. Studies show that people learn faster and have better memory retention when they are exposed to create environments that provide dynamic ways of learning.

Not only does the online environment facilitate cognitive function, but E4P also design online courses that enhance working memory. Our creative learning technique and ‘active thinking’ strategies are intended to make lessons fun and engaging – which has been shown to improve performance in students.

Online English classes also feature more image-based material. The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it does through written or spoken language – particularly when the information you are taking in is new to you.

Images also have a higher memory recall rate. So too are music, humour, anagrams, mnemonics, and other wordplay tricks that make information memorable. The online English courses we offer at E4P are designed to help you learn faster and effectively.

Online learning in general is thought to reduce learning time by as much as 60% compared to traditional classroom teaching methods. Part of the reason for this is that students have more freedom to pick and choose the course material they want to learn.

In addition, E4P has developed a creative system of learning that can be adapted for every student. No matter whether you are taking a private class or joining us as part of an online group, our methodology focuses on the unique needs of the individual, building confidence, prioritising things you need now and motivating you to stay engaged.


E4P Raise The Bar To Learning English Online

Over the past couple of years, E4P has refined the online English courses we offer. E-learning was enforced upon us during the covid lockdowns. Our tutors and students actually found the challenge fun and engaging and we were able to create dynamic ways of teaching and learning, some of which we have mentioned above.

Whilst our key goal is to enhance your ability to speak fluent English and write grammatically correct letters, reports and emails, we also understand the psychology of learning and use methodologies that increase cognitive performance.

Moreover, we continually look to raise the bar to ensure you get the most out of your English speaking and grammar practice online. We recognise the importance of ensuring online classes are stimulating and, where relevant, immersive, but also recognise when students feel out of their depth. We don’t push you where you don’t want to go too soon because we understand how stressful environments impair learning.

What you can expect is a hands-on approach which is designed to maximise your learning capacity. We do this by creating engaging practical sessions, by guiding, not telling, supporting you with your personal projects and goals and giving you the freedom to practice the English vocabulary that you need in the real world.

If you’re ready to enhance your learning capacity and significantly improve your proficiency in English, E4P provides a fun online environment that is geared towards fast and effective learning. Contact us today to book an online English course for private students or groups.

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