The Importance of Medical English in Vienna

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English is considered the global language for medical professionals and researchers in the pharmaceutical industry. Because English is the universal language in Europe, it is advantageous for medical and pharmaceutical professionals in Vienna to have a good grasp of the language.

When learning medical English for your profession, it’s not enough to be able to translate the basics from medical journals and websites. You need to be able to communicate with foreign patients. And because Vienna is among the most visited cities in Europe, medical professionals are more likely to encounter English-speaking patients.

The need for medical English is unquestionable. Not only will you be able to carry out consultations with foreign visitors, but you will also be able to make an accurate diagnosis and administer the appropriate treatment.

The majority of medical literature available to professionals is also published in English, therefore, broader knowledge of the English language is essential for keeping abreast of the latest developments, research and diagnoses. Healthcare professionals that are up-to-date with the latest trends are better equipped to perform their job with more success and efficiency.

Because of the importance of English, a growing number of hospitals and clinics in Vienna favour healthcare professionals that have a good grasp of English. It’s not unusual for some institutions to employ a medical translator, but they can be expensive. English-speaking staff is the preferred option.

Both the British Embassy and the US Embassy in Vienna keep a list of healthcare providers that employ English-speaking staff. The referral of foreign visitors can be a lucrative channel for clinics so speaking medical English can be advantageous for healthcare professionals seeking employment in Vienna.


Medical English Can Help Your Further Your Career

Domestic clinics in Vienna are increasingly cooperating with foreign medical institutions. Medical specialists and researchers from Vienna that can speak fluent English are often invited to participate in international clinical trials and attend medical conferences overseas, either as a participant or a member of the audience.

Knowledge of medical English not only gives you the opportunity to travel, but also the possibility to live, study and work overseas. If you intend to become a specialist in your field, continuing your medical education abroad may be necessary.


Learn Medical English in Vienna

English For Professionals offers tailored medical English programs for healthcare professionals in Vienna. Our native English speakers have over 20 years of experience working with medical professionals in Vienna and customising lessons to suit your professional needs, skill set and budget.

Our tailored courses cover every possible scenario you would expect to find yourself in as a medical professional. We focus on every detail including interviews, consultancy, lectures, presentations, negotiations and small talk in the workplace.

Our friendly English tutors try to be as flexible as possible with your learning needs and your timetable. We appreciate medical professionals work long and sometimes unusual hours so try out best to accommodate you at times you can manage.

For more information, and to ask any questions that come to mind, feel free to reach out by contacting us by email at or phoning Stuart on +43 699 121 500 75.

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