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Learning English online is becoming a common way for students to access native English teachers. Even before the pandemic, universities were attracting a higher percentage of students registering for online courses.

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It’s certainly the most common language spoken as a second language. According to the British Council, around two billion people in the world have studied English and can speak it to a “useful level.”

The reason for that is quite simple. English dominates international business, academia, medicine, law, science and technology. English-speaking TV programs and films have also been given a global platform.

You probably know from experience that citizens of various European countries communicate with one another in English. As a French or German speaker, you’ve probably communicated in English when you visited Hungary, Finland or Greece etc.

There’s little doubt that learning English as a second language opens doors to the wider world. But why should you learn English online? Are there any advantages to taking an online English course that you won’t find through various channels?

I’m glad you asked.


Online Learning is More Effective

If the pandemic taught us anything, it was how to use Zoom. And that video conferencing sucks. So why would anyone in the right mind want to learn English online?

Apparently, taking an English course online (or any course) is more effective. Whilst there is little research data to back up the claim, the benefits of and learning English online suggest the statement could be true.

A study by IBM, for example, found that participants learn five times more material via online platforms. Of course, the amount you learn and retain largely depends on your tutor and the lessons.

What science does tell us is the human brain absorbs more information through images and by doing. These methods are also better for memory retention.

You could argue that both these options are available in a traditional classroom environment as well. That is true – but are teachers utilising these resources effectively?

Online English courses encourage using the vast majority of English content on the web. Furthermore, at English 4 Professionals, the native English speakers will expose you to the various accents you should expect to encounter in English speakers around the world.

As a Swiss national, you’ll probably be able to understand somebody from Estonia or another European country. But would you understand a Scot, a Geordie or someone from Northern Ireland?

Trust me, even British speakers struggle with these accents! Bringing them into a private online English course is not designed to confuse you, but to help you tune your hearing and remember words better because you are being exposed to a variety of pronunciations.

These types of exercises are also useful for the real world, especially if you are planning to work for an English-speaking firm or study in the UK or US.


English Can Improve Your Career Prospects 

Because English is the language that has been adopted by global companies, top-tier companies are looking for employees that can speak English. The number of recruiters actively searching for bi-lingual candidates doubled between 2012 and 2017 and continues to rise.

Today’s global economy calls for employees that can communicate in multiple languages. Bilingual employees can open up new markets and create lucrative revenue streams – particularly if you’re also a native of the market a company is targeting. And Switzerland is recognised as a very lucrative market.

Bilinguals are also known to be more adept at decision making – and Fortune 500 companies know this. The more proficient you are, the more angles you see problems from, which informs your decision making. You’re also better equipped to express yourself in negotiations.

This may be one of the reasons why English speaking bilinguals draw higher salaries than their monolingual counterparts. And there are plenty of opportunities for English speaking candidates from Switzerland. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates the number of English-speaking enterprises hiring bilingual candidates will increase by 24% by 2030.


Online Matura English Can Get You Into English-Speaking Universities

It’s not only Swiss professionals that can benefit from a private English tutor online; students can as well. If you have aspirations to study at a university in England or the United States, you will need to demonstrate that your English language skills are good enough to understand the course material.

Our native British tutors accommodate students that are sitting Matura English exams. Our dedicated online English courses are designed to help you pass the Matura examination.

Have a think about joining us.

In the meantime, take a look at these five tips that can help you pass the Matura English Exam.


Flexible Schedule

A key advantage to learning English online is that you can arrange the classes around your schedule. Online sessions with a private English tutor are flexible so you can pick and choose times that are most convenient for you.

A flexible schedule is particularly ideal for professionals and parents that are not able to take classes at fixed times during the day. And night classes often tend to tire because of the travelling involved.

Do I also need to mention that online learning also means you can sit in a comfortable chair in your home?

It’s far more kind to your behind than the hard wooden chairs you typically find in traditional classroom environments. Admittedly, our teaching room chairs are far more comfortable, though!


Customised Online English Courses 

Online English courses are private sessions that can be tailored to suit your precise needs. This not only means you learn the language faster, but you also learn vocabulary that is relevant in the real world.

It’s notable that most students don’t realise their language skills are inadequate until they leave school and travel. They suddenly find themselves amongst other English speakers and barely understand a word. This can be overwhelming and disconcerting to young people.

Imagine, if you will, that the first time you realise your English is not so hot is in an interview or, if you do get the job, in the workplace. This can certainly be the case if you land a job with a global company in Switzerland.

The problem with learning a language via traditional classroom learning is that the vocabulary you learn is all textbook. If I’m truly being honest, you rarely need it unless you go travelling. And even then, you can just point at stuff.

Traditional language learning does not cater for conversational skills in a real-world environment unless you’re merely having small talk. Well, that won’t get you very far in an office environment.

Customised English courses online give you the opportunity to practice the vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening that you actually need. Our English teachers can prepare mock conversations, ask you to write business letters and practice negotiating.

If you have any documents you would like to bring to the lesson, simply email a copy to your teacher so they can prepare a class that will help you to translate, understand and interpret the content.

Or maybe you have to deliver a presentation in English and would like some help with your grammar and pronunciation. We can even conduct entire lessons preparing you for an interview in English.

Basically, online English lessons enable you to do what you need to do. Not what a text suggests you may need.

Customised English lessons enable you to focus on developing the skills you need most urgently.


Express Yourself More Openly in English

It’s not unusual for students to experience brain fog in a classroom situation. If you lack self-confidence, you’re unlikely to volunteer to answer a question or read, and you may struggle to find the right words or express yourself if you are asked to speak in English in front of the entire class.

Studies show that stress hinders the learning process. When individuals feel pressured, there is more neural activity in the pre-frontal cortex where learning and memory take place.

The neural overload makes it more difficult for students to retain information. Stress also impedes decision making and the ability to think clearly. This happens in social situations as well. How often do you forget the words you want when you feel nervous? This happens even in your own language.

When you take an online English course, the only person in the room is you. There is no pressure. You can always turn your camera and your microphone off if you don’t want your teacher prying on you whilst you’re translating a paragraph. We can always nip and make a brew (cup of tea) whilst you get on with your work.

This type of environment is also good for practising interviews. In a classroom situation, you don’t really get the chance to express yourself properly – either because you don’t have time, you’re not asked to or there are things you don’t want to reveal about yourself.

One-on-one online sessions give you more time and freedom to talk about yourself and have conversations that relate to your interests, career or study. The more you practice the interactions you are likely to encounter in English every day, the better equipped you are to handle situations with confidence.

For example, online English lessons can be recorded. We can create a lesson where the teacher asks you a question and you have to answer. Whilst you can think of an answer “on the spot” during the class, you can play the recording back later and refine your answers, add to them or even come up with different answers.

This exercise is particularly useful if you are preparing for an interview in English. The interview will be an opportunity for recruiters to determine whether they can speak a competent level of English. You will also need to be able to express yourself.

It’s worth bearing in mind then, that interviews are stressful situations – and as we mentioned, stressful situations impair your ability to think clearly. Interviews are not the place where you want to be forgetting words.


Online English Courses are Cost-Effective

Like most things online, online English courses are far less expensive than you would expect to pay at a university or college. Companies that organise online English lessons do not have the overheads associated with academic faculties.

Students also save money because there is no commute involved. Whilst this won’t be the case for everyone – if there is a learning facility near your work for example – avoiding public transports costs puts a substantial amount of euros back in your pocket.

You also spend less on food when you’re studying at home. It’s far too easy to grab a quick bite before or after an English lesson rather waiting until you get home to cook. Not only do you spend more buying fast food, it’s not so great for your health either.


Learning Online is Fun

The capacity to customise private English lessons and access a broad wealth of content from the internet helps to make online English fun and engaging.

Of course, how much fun you actually have largely depends on the rapport you have with the teacher. Ideally, you will have good chemistry and find their way of teaching suits your way of learning.

The online English teachers at E4P are flexible. We can adapt our way of teaching far easier than students can adapt their way of learning. Our priority is for you to improve your English proficiency, but we want you to have fun in the classes as well.

If you’re not enjoying the classes, then you’re not having fun. Our native English teachers also try to find ways of making learning fun by using different content and creating games that make tedious exercises more engaging.

Are you thinking about taking an online English course, but not sure whether e-learning is right for you? There’s only one to find out. Why not get in touch and speak to one of our native British teachers. We can arrange a few private English classes for you and see how you get on.

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