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The title of this article should read “practice speaking English online”. That’s the difference between German and English grammar. It can be a little confusing at first but there are basic rules you can follow which make learning English grammar far easier.

Taking an English course online is ideal for business professionals that rely on English for their job, or for students that plan to study overseas. When people first go abroad, they invariably feel insecure about their ability to communicate in a foreign language.

Even students that earned good grades in English through the school system can find speaking with other people in English hard going. It’s often the case that you don’t really test the proficiency of your language skills until you find yourself in an environment with native English speakers.


Learn English Vocabulary Online

Traditional language courses in schools revolve around the teacher asking questions and students answering them, reading from textbooks and filling in blank spaces with missing words. Conventional teaching is not a good way to learn.

Evidence-based research shows that the best way to learn English is to immerse yourself in the language. An online English course with native British speakers gives you the opportunity to practice speaking English and extend your vocabulary.

We also take your language learning one step further at E4P. Our private coaching can be customised to your precise needs. This enables you to learn English vocabulary online which you can actually use in real life.

For example, business professionals are invited to bring English -based work to the lesson with you. This gives you the opportunity to work through it with native English speakers. So, let’s say, you need to give a presentation at work. Our online English teacher can help you perfect your script so you have time to practice it.

You will also learn the relevant vocabulary you can expect to hear in the business sector in your chosen profession. For example, the native English tutors at E4P often work with professionals that need to understand legal English or medical English.


English Speaking Practice Online

The ability to communicate to a high level in English not only involves speaking English but also listening. The more vocabulary and grammar you learn, the more confident you become whilst communicating.

The tutors at E4P help you learn quicker by exposing you to a diverse range of English accents. Researchers at the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group found that people who pick up second languages quicker show aptitude in distinguishing the different sounds in regional accents.

There are many regional accents in Britain that are so diverse we struggle to understand one another. Compare a clean British accent that is typical of middle-class Hertfordshire with the “Geordie” accident spoken by the townsfolk of Newcastle and you will see what I mean.

Mastering the art of conversation initially means mastering the art of language learning. The best way to learn is by practising speaking English online with native British speakers. If you need to practice English speaking, get in touch and enquire about our private online English classes.


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