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Learning British English online has several benefits that learning in a classroom environment can’t offer. For students and professionals in DACH countries that prefer British English over American English, you can contact native Brits teaching online English.

Online English tutors provide a personal 1-2-1 service that can be customised specifically for the student. This is ideal for professionals working in high-pressure environments that typically have the documentation they want to work through with a native English speaker.

The technology also makes online more engaging. Our tutors can work with you on the same document, create English grammar exercises for you in the digital space, give you English listening exercises by playing videos and share online English articles with you.

Some studies have shown that learning English online can even improve your academic performance. The feedback is faster, you have the time to understand the rules better and you can focus entirely on the type of British English you need to learn for the environment you’re in.

For University students, an online English course (englischkurs online) with a native British speaker is definitely much more cost-effective. It will help you avoid mounting up student debt and give you more time for other things. There’s zero commute and you have more control over your schedule.


English Grammar Exercises Online

German speakers in DACH countries usually pick up basic English vocabulary quickly. The common roots between the two languages make English fairly easy to learn for students in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

And 26% of the English dictionary is borrowed from the Germanic language. So you’ve only three-quarters of the Oxford Dictionary to learn. An online Business English course is an online business englisch kurs.

Not much to it really.

Until you get to learning English grammar exercises. Whilst the basic grammar is pretty easy to pick up, English gets complicated when you start throwing in past and future verb tenses.

Even if you’ve been speaking English for many years and feel like you’ve got a good grip on the language, it’s not unusual to question and doubt yourself when speaking with English people in a business environment.

Truth be told, most English people don’t have a clear understanding of the complex nature of British grammar either. However, for DACH natives, knowing the right verb tenses does reflect kindly on you if you’re working for an English-speaking company.

To sharpen up the areas you feel the least comfortless, the native British tutors at English 4 Professionals create business English courses online (business englischkurs online) with customised exercises for you to practice.

You can also record them and watch them back later as many times as you like. This comes in very useful as an English listening exercise.


Learn British English Online

English 4 Professionals give you direct access to native British English speakers with over 20 years’ experience of teaching language students in DACH countries.

Our private online English lessons are customised to meet your personal needs – with a focus on sharpening your language skills in a professional environment.

Using Skype, Zoom, MS Team or shared folders such as Google Docs, we can work together in real-time with English writing practices and tune your ear into British English with listening exercises.


For more information, contact English4Professionals today and book a customised business English course online.

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