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The case for DACH professionals to learn English is a strong one. Three out of five employers actively seek candidates that speak English.

Of all the DACH countries, Switzerland has historically languished in the second tier when it comes to speaking English among business professionals. Statistics show the country’s overall proficiency in English is 61.77 points.

Whilst the results classify Switzerland as having high proficiency in English, The Local describes the results as “respectable rather than spectacular. The writer goes on to say that Switzerland ranks alongside Poland, Romania and The Philippines for English Proficiency.

The fact of the matter is that Swiss students learning English don’t realise how inadequate their language skills are until they leave school. It isn’t until they encounter native English speakers that their eyes are opened. And that can often be when you get a job with an English -speaking company.

It’s never too late to improve your English. However, if you don’t realise your English language skills need improving before you enter the workplace, you’re likely to experience more stress the first time you feel out of your depth.

In the workplace, you eventually have to extend your conversation beyond introductory small talk. Even then, a lack of English skills still impedes communication. An online business English course can help to improve your vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening skills.


Practice English Speaking Online

An online English course allows DACH nationals to practise speaking English with native Brits. Not only will practising English online enhance your language skills, but we can also focus on business English so that you become more fluent in the workplace.

Our native English teachers offer private lessons for business professionals. All lessons are customised to target your precise needs. So for example, if you need to translate a document, write a letter or prepare a presentation, you can whip it into private online English classes.

We can also help you fine-tune your British accent. Whilst a British accent may not help you get a job over DACH professionals that speak with an American accent, from personal experience, the majority of people I meet say they prefer the British accent over American English. Or at least that’s what they tell me, but maybe they’re just being polite.


Why Study English Online

Professionals from DACH countries can improve their career prospects by investing in an English course online. Not only do you need to sharpen your language skills, but it’s also advantageous to understand intercultural relationships, improve your negotiation skills in a second language and pick up some slang terms.

Whilst there is a wide range of language courses on the market, studying English online has several core advantages. Students are exposed to more visual content which improves memory retention and the connection between vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.

Online learning in private sessions is more engaging for students. In a traditional classroom-based learning environment, you spend the vast majority of the time listening. Students seldom get the opportunity to speak, listen and write all in one session.

The online English classes we offer at E4P are hands-on and geared towards your precise needs. If you want to do more than “brush up” your language skills, take an online English course for business professionals with our native English speakers and increase your language proficiency to top tier levels.


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