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Healthcare professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical industry are multi-national and multi-lingual. The predominant language is medical English. 

Medical English is not the same as everyday English. As you’re well aware, the medical profession has a language of its own that is not used – or understood – outside of the profession.

Moreover, medical English includes a lot of slang terms – mostly abbreviations for conditions, medicines and treatments. Whilst abbreviated terms are easier to remember, to the untrained ear they mean absolutely nothing.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical researchers, general practitioners and medical students in Vienna can overcome the barriers and confusion by engaging in a medical English course with native English speakers that have years of experience working with individuals and groups in the medical profession.


Why learn Medical English in Vienna?

Conversations in medical settings are invariably important – sometimes they are critical. Even if you’re talking about “meds” with a colleague, you don’t want to feel overwhelmed trying to remember the pronunciation of pharmaceutical pills and long-winded medical conditions.

Moreover, the healthcare environment can be chaotic, noisy and pressurising. If you’re working with English speaking professionals in a pressure cooker situation, you need to be able to keep a cool head and respond swiftly.

Medical professionals working or studying abroad will invariably need to understand medical English to a good standard. Context is highly important in healthcare settings. A sound understanding of grammar, vocabulary and the functional expressions that crop up in medical English is advantageous.

Due to the focus on both content and the specialist nature of the language, it is more beneficial for healthcare professionals in Vienna to learn medical English with a qualified language teacher.


Medical English for Medical Professionals in Vienna

English language tutors structure courses in multiple ways. At English4Professionals, our medical English courses in Vienna are specifically designed to suit the needs of the student.

Our medical English courses focus on both profession-specific content that you experience every day together with cross-sector content you need to broaden your knowledge of the industry. Our aim is to enable you to communicate in English when you’re under pressure.

We also recognise that standard medical terminology is not enough. That’s why we go much deeper into medical English than generalised terms you find in standard medical English vocabulary charts.

In our years of experience, we have established students benefit more by focusing on highly targeted content that you encounter on the job. The classes cover a variety of situations including patient interactions, official medical terminology, clinical language and reading documentation.

Our native medical English teachers also use a variety of mediums including videos, interviews, audio, interactive role-play, hospital charts, academic articles and medical textbooks.

Developing your medical English will help improve your ability as a medical professional, feel more confident in healthcare settings, and further your career prospects.

Take the first step today by getting in touch and signing up for a customised medical English course in Vienna.

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