How to Prepare CV’s in Business English Online

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How to Prepare CV’s in Business English Online

Learning business English online is an easy and accessible way of preparing a CV that can help you progress your career.

Your Curriculum Vitae is usually the first opportunity you have to make a lasting impression on a prospective employer. If your CV shows you have a strong grasp of Business English, you position yourself as a candidate that stands out.

The online Business English courses we offer at E4P teach you professional and provocative language skills that will impress a potential employer and help you to achieve your career goals.


Why Write CVs in Business English 

English is the dominant language in the international world of business and communication. A study in Malaysia showed foreign students spoke English in formal situations and for cross-linguistic communication in a business context.

When you’re applying for a role within an international enterprise, you need an attractive, clear and memorable CV that shows your potential employer all the skills and experience you have for the job.

In our online language course, we teach you the skills you need to write a concise and accurate CV in professional business English.


Tips for Writing CVs in Business English

When you’re applying for a job role with an international company, bear in mind that dozens of other applicants will be sending their CV’s also. Recruiters typically skim-read CV’s or run them through specialised scanners that pick out keywords.

A CV written in business English is more likely to pass an automated filtering stage than a generic CV written in plain English.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.


Tell a Story

A CV is essentially your career history so tell the story of your career so far. Use active verbs and explain what you achieved in your job rather than what you did. Employers will grasp the experience you have from your job title, but you need to explain your achievements.



Most people will describe responsibilities they had in a previous job by simply saying, “I was responsible for managing a team of 8 sales staff selling mobile phone contracts“.

You can make this sentence more dynamic by using active verbs.

I led a team of eight enthusiastic sales staff and developed an environment that not only motivated my team to reach their goals but go above and beyond their targets.


Be Specific About Your Skills

You naturally need to sell yourself on a CV by highlighting your skills. However, simply saying you are „hardworking, motivated and good at communicating” is bland and too generic. Everybody says that.

Remember you are writing a story about your career history. The first rule of story writing is to show not tell.

Recruiters want to know why you are hardworking, why you are motivated and why you are a good communicator.



As a dedicated and ambitious professional, I work hard to achieve my targets through focus, paying attention to detail and, if necessary, work longer hours.


Write your CV in Business English Online

Our online business English courses are aimed at ambitious professionals that want to improve written and spoken English in a business environment.

Learning Business English online can help to give a step up the career ladder.

All our business English teachers in Vienna are native English speakers. Contact us today and prepare your CV in professional English and get through to the interview stage.



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