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The best way to learn English online is with a private English language course that is customised to your personal needs and preferences. Whilst traditional classroom learning places the emphasis on the teachers, an online English course puts the student at the front and centre.

E-learning, as it’s also known, offers several other advantages. You can arrange English classes at a time that fits your schedule and helps you to manage your time better. There’s no travel involved.

Moreover, studies have found that online language courses help students to retain information. The nature of learning English online exposes you to a diverse range of content including images and videos which enhance memory retention.

The human brain processes visual information 60 times faster than text and is estimated to help us remember around 65% more than reading text alone. Even better than visual memory, is actually doing.

As the Chinese philosopher Xun Zi once said: “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.”


English Speaking Practice Online

Studies show that students learning a foreign language learn quicker when they practice speaking. In language classes, most students are made to sit and listen. Rarely are you given the opportunity to actually practice speaking English.

The online English courses we provide at English 4 Professionals actively encourage you to practice speaking English. Our English classes are customised especially for you and give you the opportunity to have conversations with native British speakers.

When you practice speaking English on a regular basis, your brain builds new neural networks which help you to associate words with meaning. This makes it easier to translate words into German.

This is important because you rely on working memory when you are speaking. That includes when you’re speaking in your own language as well.

For German students that are developing English language skills, the opportunity to practice speaking online with a native British tutor will help them to understand the links between vocabulary, punctuation and grammar.


The Best Way To Learn English Online

Learning to speak English with a native British speaker also enhances your capacity to integrate your listening skills. For most students, listening exercises are the most difficult part of the exam.

People that have become fluent in English often say they only felt confident about speaking English when they could understand a native. I speak German as a second language and can say the same is true from English to German even though there are many similarities between the two languages.

The best way to learn a language online is to have conversions that can be applied to the real world. This way you can practice what you learn in class every day.

When you are exposed to different accents and various levels of English -speaking skills, you tune your ear to a wider range of pronunciations which helps your brain to organise sounds and understand words. That makes the listening exam far easier to understand.

You can dramatically improve your English language skills by learning English online with our native English tutors. Contact us today to ask about the private classes we provide for students of all levels in DACH countries.


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