How To Improve Your Matura English Grade

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Matura English is advantageous for students with aspirations to live and work abroad or secure a high-profile job. Many of the top universities, particularly in the UK, will not admit students that have not passed the Matura English exam.

Overseas universities in English-speaking countries want to ensure that your language skills are competent enough to cope with the demands of higher education. Students will need to speak, read and write English to a good standard in order to pass a University degree.

Passing a Matura English exam requires more than reading textbooks and learning vocabulary verbatim. You need to get a sound grip of grammar, sentence structure and pronunciation.

If you feel as though you are not meeting the standards expected of you to pass the Matura English exam, private tuition (Nachhilfe) with a native English tutor in Westbahnhof will help to improve your English language skills.

Not only do we help you to improve your English to an advanced level, but we also teach you proven exam skills and strategies that help to take the pressure off during the examination.


One To One Coaching and Mentoring with Native English Tutors

The best chance you have of improving your grade in the Matura English exam is through one to one coaching and mentoring with native English tutors.

Our Matura preparation course gives you the opportunity to improve your skills for the Matura Higher English exam to help you achieve the results you need. Our one-to-one coaching and mentoring focus on developing your speaking, listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills together with proven exam strategies.

In each lesson, we analyse news stories, videos and hot topics published by the BBC. This gives you plenty of practice reading and listening to English.

Your tutor will then ask questions and encourage open conversation about the content. During this part of the lesson, we will address your vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciation.

English4Professionals also go one step further and encourage knowledge sharing during these conversations. We question the news items to encourage you to think analytically about the news story. This will help you in your schoolwork, higher education and life in general.

We also suggest that you write your thoughts down to practice writing outside of classes. Essay writing is a principle required in academic study and the more you improve your writing skills in English, the easier it will be to express yourself in writing and speaking.

Having said that, English4Professionals appreciate that students taking the Matura English exam are under enough stress and pressure with other subjects. Therefore, we don’t force homework on you.

Instead, our native English speakers mentor and motivate you to immerse yourself in English naturally. For example, we can direct you to English websites that publish content you are interested in as a hobby, suggest TV programs, films and literature you will enjoy and groups you can interact with in English online.

For more information about how we can ace your Matura English exam, contact us today and speak with our native English tutors. That way you can decide whether private tuition to study Matura English is a good fit for your preferred method of learning. We’re also based in Westbahnhof – a convenient location for Matura English students.

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