How Online English Can Help Your Professional Career

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An English course online can help to improve your English grammar and sharpen your communication skills in a professional environment. Learning spoken English online can help to give your professional career a boost.

Today’s global empire of English-speaking companies has broadened the prospects for citizens of all nations to develop their careers. This is particularly true in Switzerland where multilingualism accounts for around 10% of the country’s GDP.

More than in any other language, English-speaking candidates increase their career prospects due to the fact that there are more English-speaking companies than in any other language.

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates the number of English-speaking corporations looking for bilinguals or translators increased by 24% by 2030. This indicates there is an increasing number of interactions between global countries from different countries.

Professionals from Switzerland and other DACH countries, therefore, have more opportunities to climb the career ladder in Switzerland and overseas. As a matter of fact, in some industries, it is suggested that not being able to speak English hold candidates back.

On the flip side, learning English online can help you sharpen your language skills and enjoy the career benefits speaking a high level of English can offer you.


Earn Trust From Your Colleagues

Communication is pivotal in the workplace. It’s needed to build relationships with your colleagues, express opinions and ideas, explain details to clients and customers and express how you feel.

In short, good communication builds trust with other people. Employees that are trusted by colleagues and managers have better working relationships and improved chances of promotion.


Earn Higher Salary

Studies have shown that bilingual and multilingual employees generally earn more than counterparts that only speak their mother language. A study performed in the US reveals that non-natives that can speak English earned up to $3000-$5000 more a year.

In the UK, reports reveal bilingual employees earn between £53,700 to £71,800 on average. According to the Office of National Statistics, the average wage in the UK is £38,600 for a full-time role.


Multi-linguals make better decisions

Studies suggest that multi-lingual individuals are better at decision making. Researchers found that framing bias affects decision making because of the way that information is presented. What that means is the way words are structured can be interpreted differently.

People that only speak one language are more prone to framing bias. The study found decision-making among multi-lingual participants was reduced or eliminated because they could interpret descriptions from different angles and thus had superior critical-thinking skills.


Better negotiation skills

Individuals with a richer vocabulary are better negotiators. In the world of international business, skilled negotiators are the darlings of executive boards.

Learning English online gives you the opportunity to enrich your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and learn how to set a positive tone when speaking business English.

And with native British speakers to help you, students from DACH countries can adopt a British accent – which most prefer over American or Australian accents.

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