How Will Brexit Affect Arbitration and Litigation in the English Legal System?

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With Brexit still in its infancy, there are a lot of questions that will need to be answered over the coming years. One of the most pressing issues for lawyers in Vienna representing clients in English courts is whether you will need to add more legal English vocabulary to your repertoire.

This is particularly the case for legal professionals in Austria that are regularly involved in arbitration and litigation cases in UK jurisdiction. The majority of international contracts are written in English and adopt the trusted verses of English contract law.

Moreover, the English legal system acknowledges the importance of freedom of contract without awards of punitive or exemplary damages. This makes English courts more attractive for international disputes.

The English legal system is arbitration-friendly. A significant benefit of choosing London courts is the high availability of contract law specialists, legal counsel and expert witnesses that can all speak English.


Will you need to learn Legal English?

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU will have no impact on the enforcement of English arbitration awards in EU countries. However, EU law severely curtailed the English courts’ which you would expect Her Majesty’s government will seek to recover.

There is potential for new laws to be introduced. At the very least, old laws will be revived and quite possibly amended. Revision to English law will, of course, mean legal professionals in Austria will need to revise legal English.

If I were you, I would be anticipating that I will have to add more legal English terms to my vocabulary sooner or later. It’s worth remembering also, that English courts have the freedom, and thus the potential, to determine their own ruling.

This not only means they can adopt “retained laws” or reintroduced laws, but can also make a new ruling based on a precedent from an earlier case. The English legal system gives judges the platform to pass judgement on a case-by-case basis in the interests of the plaintiff or defendant.


Learn Legal English in Vienna

Brexit is expected to have a significant impact on a range of issues in respect of international contracts. Legal professionals drafting contracts on behalf of a client in the English language needs to be familiar with key factors including compliance obligations, variation procedures, relief events and termination.

Legal professionals on both sides of the channel expect Brexit to affect how the English legal system deals with conflicts.

If you do find yourself neck-deep in English law, the native English tutors in Vienna can help. We have over a decade of experience teaching legal English to law professionals in Vienna.

Not only are we specialists in teaching legal English, but we also understand how the English legal system works and can explain what new terms mean. We can help you understand the law so you are better placed to prepare a case for your client.

If you need help learning, pronouncing and understanding legal English, get in touch today with the native speakers at English 4 Professionals today. Our personalised legal English classes will make your job easier.

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