Englisch lernen Weltweit

Worldwide Intensive English Coaching

One-to-One coaching / groups *

*self-made groups

Your time is a precious commodity, your work-schedule tight, and there are simply not enough hours in the day. You are a high-achiever, a manager, the boss! (Typical clients include: CEOs, TV & radio personalities, engineers, civil servants and politicians). You know your main professional-weakness is a grasp of the English language, the use of which is now imperative in your career, and the pressure on you is enormous.

The situation

  • You need to dry-run next week’s interview, PowerPoint presentation or negotiating tactics
  • You require an extra set of eyes and ears at the critical meeting abroad
  • You have time to kill on those lonesome business trips
  • Whilst on holiday, you prefer intensive coaching to sunbathing or shopping

The problem

  • Limited English vocabulary
  • Weak grammar
  • Poor pronunciation
  • Presentation stage-fright
  • A dread of small-talk
  • No time, no coach, no plan

The solution

  • Your long-term, personal English coach and mentor – in Vienna and England, or wherever if desired
  • An exclusive, tailor-made coaching programme to meet your professional needs
  • Accelerated learning in minimum time
  • Coaching–schedule flexibility
  • Appropriate Methodology to match your learning style and state of mind
  • Extensive talk-time using and repeating your target vocabulary and verbs


Take the bull by the horns and give yourself that much-needed opportunity!

Worldwide INTENSIVE offers:

  • Specialist 1-to-1 coaching with some of our British native speakers, possibly even Stuart, Managing Director of English 4 Professionals Englischunterricht GmbH, when available
  • Exclusive, 1 – 10-day intensive coaching anywhere
  • A tailor-made package to meet your budget and schedule
  • Trial-run coaching with our coaches in Vienna to ensure optimal client-coach chemistry

Optional extras:

  • Dynamic 1-to-2 sessions at no extra cost if your partner wishes to join in
  • Summer INTENSIVE coaching is also offered in Southampton, UK
Englisch lernen Business Trip

Coaching schedule

Whilst your partner is on the beach, out shopping or indeed engaged in a long business meeting, we could, for example, be in the beach café brushing up on your weaker grammar points and practising small-talk and pronunciation. Start and finish times are totally flexible and can be agreed in advance.


Coaching can take place almost anywhere in the world within reason, except war-zones and other dangerous environments. You would cover expenses for transportation, (single room) accommodation, meals and refreshments, as well as visa and vaccination requirements. Other expenses, such as admission to museums, theatres, events and functions the coach, acting in an official capacity, may be asked or required to participate in, must also be covered. Please call us for a tailor-made price quote.


A non-refundable 30% deposit is required to guarantee your agreed coaching block-period.