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About you

You are a very busy person, perhaps someone who is often in the spotlight, and have high demands and expectations. You are looking for an English coach who is experienced, professional and, above all, discreet. You seek a well-informed coach with whom you can discuss a range of topics: G7, WTO, UNO, BRICS, NATO, IAEA, BASEL3, international negotiations, current affairs, business, finance and global issues, yet an English coach who also understands the world of presentations and image control.

  • Politicians
  • Diplomatic staff
  • Executives
  • Civil servants
  • High-ranking officers
  • Showbiz celebrities
  • People in the public eye

Or, perhaps, you wish to prepare for an all-important speech, executive-level interview, TV or stage debate, lucrative investor presentation or vital international negotiation and you would like to brainstorm it all beforehand. And, at the same time, you want to improve your English quickly and effectively, by eliminating those grammatical weaknesses (including vocabulary and pronunciation), and concentrating on the task in hand: your own performance in front of your peers.

Congratulations! You have just found your sparring partner with whom you can discuss important topics in depth and at a high level – whether business, politics, science, engineering or global issues. My name is Stuart Simpson and I am the Managing Director and founder of English 4 Professionals GmbH.

As your personal long-term English coach and sparring partner, right here in Vienna, but also mobile if need be, I am someone who has amassed a wealth of experience and gained a finely-tuned feel over the years for those difficult linguistic situations. You can rely on me, including at short-notice, to help deliver the results you seek and to reduce the burdening stress factor. Together, we will brainstorm the task from all angles and tailor-make the solution. If that means working on a Sunday evening, so be it! I also guarantee that all information discussed will naturally be handled with the upmost discretion.

    My exclusive 1-to-1 coaching offer to you:

    • Me – Stuart Simpson – E4P Managing Director and founder. I will be your long-term personal English trainer and sparring-partner for topics covering politics, business, engineering, science and current global and military affairs
    • Me – Stuart Simpson – a CELTA-qualified, British native speaker from Bath. I am an ex-Royal Air Force aircraft mechanic (City & Guilds: Aeronautical Engineering)
    • A dynamic, 1-to-1 coaching programme, tailor made for you to meet your professional needs and expectations
    • Detailed preparation for speeches, presentations, meetings, negotiations, media and job interviews
    • Brainstorming of topics and use of mind maps
    • Support with the preparation of possible strategic Q&As
    • Widening of your vocabulary, improvement in your grammar and pronunciation, and enhancement of your speaking ability and fluency
    • Considerable increase in your self-confidence when speaking in English
    • Successful market positioning by sharpening your personal profile
    • The benefits of tailored training methods and mental techniques for quick, effective and noticeable improvement in your English skills
    • Tips on presentation techniques, body language and business etiquette
    • A coaching plan to match your diary – even at weekends – to allow for maximum flexibility!
    • Coaching at a location of your choice (see also UK and Worldwide Intensive)
    • A free taster session for clients in Vienna to discuss your needs and to ensure the right chemistry!

    1-to-1 VIP coaching with Stuart Simpson

    It doesn’t matter whether you wish to prepare in English for an all-important speech, executive-level interview, TV or stage debate, lucrative investor presentation or vital international negotiation – I, Stuart Simpson, will brainstorm the situation with you. Thereafter, via rehearsals and role-play exercises, we will fine-tune everything until we have met your needs and expectations. After all, two minds are greater than one!

    What differentiates my offer from that of other institutes is my USP. I focus 100% on you, as if it were me performing your speech etc. and not you! I put myself in your shoes.

    Yes, I am CELTA-qualified and a British native speaker – yet that in itself is not enough. It is the years of experience gained from my air force service, international university studies, business positions as International ASM and as entrepreneur that have brought me to where I am today. Knowledge, experience, know-how, confidence and success are the vital ingredients I will share with you during your coaching.

    I can work with you on your personal profile and help you reposition yourself on the jobs market for an all-important career upgrade. Mature graduates looking for a place on prestigious MBA programmes at famous universities are just some of the happy clients who have made it through the university selection process.

    My input is honest and objective. However, constructive criticism is often the best way to achieve an objective. You expect the feedback to be beneficial. After all, you want results! So I will not just correct your linguistic mistakes, tone of voice and delivery style, but observe your body language, too (click on TED speeches on my links page for examples of speaker styles). Tips on presentation technique and business etiquette go without saying.

    Build up your self-confidence!

    You may avoid small talk for a lack of general English vocabulary and rusty grammar, and perhaps worry about your ‘poor’ pronunciation, too. The good news is that I am here to support and guide you to new-found confidence when speaking in English. You will be able to concentrate on the main task in hand: whether it be confidently chairing a meeting, delivering a successful presentation, heading an international negotiation or performing well at interview – and all with control, composure and positive body language.

    Many people, especially lawyers and doctors, jump through hoops trying to be perfectionists. They find it hard to put a sentence together in English in fear of making a grammatical mistake. But that in itself is their biggest mistake!

    Rule 1: Make mistakes and get used to it, then get over it.
    Rule 2: Talk as often as possible in English, even to yourself in the mirror.
    Rule 3: Read, write, listen to the radio (no body language to help you, unlike with TV)
    Rule 4: Learn to listen – try repeating everything you hear.

    In order to teach English as effectively as possible, I use the best learning methodology for you! Everyone learns differently: some people memorise whole sentences (not very effective!), others, just keywords. Some are more visual: colour, pictures, sketches, mind-maps, famous sayings, and music – all can help to increase learning effectiveness. Some people are early birds, others, night owls. Some work better standing up, others are most creative while out walking in a park. Some need two strong coffees before the brain starts working, others, a bar of chocolate. Tell me how you operate best and I will tailor the programme to you

    Tips to combat stage fright

    Maybe you know the feeling. All eyes are on you – your heart sinks, your pulse races, your brow starts sweating. You can’t find the words and lose track. It doesn’t have to be like this – there are techniques which can be learned and practised to help you become an accomplished orator:

    • Voice power and projection with Daniela Zeller
    • Self-consciousness with Daniela Zeller
    • Positive thinking with Regina
    • Stress management with Regina

    Die wahre Seele der Briten lernst du im Pub kennen – Stuart Simpson, English4Professionals | Podcast