Stuart Simpson Englisch Trainer Wien


English 4 Professionals (E4P) Managing Director and founder Stuart Simpson is a native Englishman. In the summer of 2000 he arrived in Vienna and soon fell in love with the city, its traditions, quality of life and, of course, the Viennese.

In 2010 Stuart founded English 4 Professionals (E4P), now located next to Westbahnhof, focusing mainly on professionals, helping them to improve their English for their job-related needs quickly, effectively and efficiently, and with a minimum of stress.

Over time, Stuart has become specialised in coaching leaders and speakers, business owners, directors, United Nations and diplomatic staff, TV and radio personalities, PR executives – mostly people who are in the spotlight and whose English is often in focus. Stuart also coaches business managers from all disciplines (HR, Marketing, doctors and lawyers, scientists and engineers, as well as graduates applying for MBA programmes at prestigious universities.

Stuart’s 1-to-1 coaching offer to you:

  • A dynamic, 1-to-1 coaching programme, tailor-made for leaders, speakers and VIPs, to meet your professional needs and expectations
  • Detailed preparation for an all-important speech, executive-level interview, TV or stage debate or media interview, lucrative investor presentation or vital international negotiation
  • Stuart Simpson, Managing Director and founder of E4P, will be your long-term personal English-trainer and sparring-partner for topics covering politics, business, engineering, science and current global and military affairs
  • Brainstorming of topics and use of mind maps
  • Support with the preparation of possible strategic Q&As
  • Widening of your vocabulary, an improvement in your grammar and pronunciation, and enhancement of your speaking ability and fluency
  • Considerable strengthening of your self-confidence when speaking English
  • Successful market positioning via a sharpening of your personal profile
  • Personalised training methods and mental techniques for quick, effective and effortless improvement in your English skills
  • Tips on presentation techniques, body language and business etiquette
  • A coaching plan to match your diary – even at weekends to allow for maximum flexibility!
  • Coaching at a location of your choice (see also INTENSIVE COACHING: UK and Worldwide)
    A free trial session for clients in Vienna to discuss your needs and to ensure perfect chemistry!

Stuart Simpson’s employment background

Stuart started his career as a Royal Air Force aircraft mechanic, spending time in the desert of Saudi Arabia, the jungle of Belize, and climbing up mountains searching for missing people and crashed aircraft. After nine years of excitement, Stuart opted for an easy life as a university student in Newcastle, England and Bilbao, Spain where he gained two degrees in International Business. He also studied Spanish translation at the Institute of Linguists, before heading off to Vienna.

Stuart then spent 10 years in roles including Area Sales Manager, opening up markets across northern Europe, and as Call Centre Manager, setting up a number of Austrian call centres: finding, training and monitoring staff. Stuart even spent 9 months living and working in Zell am See!

It was during the financial crash that Stuart took the decisive step of establishing English 4 Professionals.

As your English coach, Stuart Simpson aims not only to widen your vocabulary, polish your grammar and help to nurture your confidence of speaking in front of others. Much more than that, in various disciplines Stuart is a discreet and trustworthy sparring partner with broad general knowledge and experience, as well as technical know-how, and the necessary resourcefulness for challenging situations. Stuart understands the corporate environment and is someone with whom you can brainstorm the situation to reach a quicker and more suitable result. After all, two professional minds are often better than one!

Your professional sparring partner

Through coaching, you will benefit from Stuart’s strategic thinking and long-term experience as an ex-military professional, sales manager and entrepreneur. Stuart also plays the role of hypothetical business partner, questioning your arguments and offering honest feedback. And to complete the package, Stuart will happily offer tips on presentation technique and business etiquette.

Invest in your language ability!

Gain respect from your peers with your confidence and command of English during speeches, presentations, meetings, negotiations or job interviews. Learn efficiently with the latest teaching methodology in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Enjoy the advantages that a personal and discrete service brings. Above all, benefit from coaching that is tailor-made to your learning requirements.

Stuart Simpson’s educational qualifications

  • BA Honours in International Business (University of Northumbria Business School / Newcastle & Chamber of Commerce, Bilbao / Spanien)
  • Spanish translation (Institute of Linguistics, London)
  • CELTA Certificate for the Teaching of English to Adults (British Language Centre in Madrid)