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Online English (1-2-1)

English Individual Coaching (Business or Other)

  • Start: always possible
  • Course times: appointed individually between 07:00 – 22:00
  • Duration: 60 or 90 minutes
  • Level: A1 – C2
  • Location: Online MS Teams*
  • Trainers Native British, CELTA-qualified, or equivalent
  • Registration: Click here
  • Price: Price list pdf Online English Individual Coaching (no registration fee)

*MS Teams software (free version) and webcam required


Online B1-B2 Business English GROUP Coaching

  • Start: Online English course every month Course dates
  • When: 2x per week: B1 Monday and Wednesday, (B2 coming soon – Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Course times: 19:00 – 20:30
  • Duration: 90 minutes/session, 2 sessions/week, 4 weeks (12 hours)
  • Group size: Minimum 3, maximum 6 participants
  • Level: B1 (B2 coming soon)
  • Location: Online (MS Teams*)
  • Trainers: Native British, CELTA-qualified, or equivalent
  • Price: € 299.- incl. Mwst. (no registration fee)
  • Registration: Click here

*MS Teams software  (free version) and webcam required

**If you register after the start-date, we can offer the following rates:
If you join during the 2nd session: € 262
If you join during the 3rd session: € 224
If you join during the 4th session, € 187
If you join during the 5th session, € 149

We’ll focus on the highest quality. You’ll be coached in small groups with a of maximum of six participants. You’ll receive the best possible coaching from two highly experienced native British trainers. The B1-syllabus will be introduced and continually reinforced with a solid mix of grammar, talk-time, and homework. You can be sure of interesting, original and creative course content. Throughout the month you’ll enjoy the friendly and supportive atmosphere that a small group can offer, allowing for maximum interaction between trainers and participants. Take a look at our methodology page:


Business English Course Content

At B1 level, we concentrate on the essential phrases and vocabulary required to help you get by in the business world. Depending on which course you choose, this includes:

  • Introducing oneself in a business context, Making Small Talk
  • Telephone English, making appointments and reservations
  • Emailing
  • Presenting
  • Participating in meetings
  • Interviews & Negotiating – the basics

There are six modules in the B1 course, organized by theme, which cover essential grammar areas at B1 level on your journey to B2 level. It is not necessary to do all six modules. The number of modules recommended depends on your existing English abilities upon starting. Each B1 course complements previous B1 courses, with review and consolidation in each course of previous grammar. You can pick any of the courses at any time with the knowledge that you’ll be learning useful new B1 material while enhancing and consolidating your vocabulary and pronunciation.

In this B1 course you will review key grammar points for B1 level and at the same time meet a large number of vocabulary items and expressions for a range of business functions. This language will be introduced and practised through six modules: Making Small Talk, Emailing, Telephoning, Participating In Meetings, Negotiating, and Presenting. Each module contains introductory material and activities, providing useful vocabulary and expressions, and then provides realistic, related practice activities.

In addition, a “course-product” – a final piece of work showing your learning – can be produced. For example, in the “Making Small Talk” activity, you will discover key words and phrases for greetings, then review emails arranging a visit to a company. After the visit and the small talk during that visit, we will also study a follow-up telephone call related to a visit to a company. In this way, each module focusses on a theme but gives practice in other relevant business skills too. You will gain confidence and skill through this recycling of the language, skills and topics.”

January 2023

9.1.2023 – 1.2.2023 B1a Course

February 2023

6.2.2023 – 1.3.2023 B1b Course

March 2023

6.3.2023 – 29.3.2023 B1c Course

April 2023

3.4.2023 – 3.5.2023 B1d Course

May 2023

8.5.2023 – 31.5.2023 B1e Course

June 2023

5.6.2023 – 28.6.2023 B1f Course


Summer Break


September 2023

4.9.2023 – 27.9.2023

October 2023

2.10.2023 – 25.10.2023

November 2023

30.10.2023 – 22.11.2023

December 2023

27.11.2023 – 20.12.2023

How do I register for a course and test?

1. Fill in the registration form
2. You’ll receive a link to the test by email
3. You’ll get an appointment for an online oral test with a native speaker trainer
4. You’ll receive details of how to pay
5. Once paid, your place on the course is reserved

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    Attention! Please check also your SPAM Folder, after submitting the form, in case you didn't get the E-Mail with the link!

    Attention! Please check also your SPAM folder, after submitting the form, in case you didn’t get the E-Mail with the link!