Burnout prevention for executives

Power. Performance. Balance.

Burnout prevention for executives

Your ability to perform is the driving force of your company or organization. I support you to maintain, and even increase, your mental power by:

  • clearly analysing your present condition through objective methods
  • defining your personal steps for greater performance
  • using optimal techniques that have been successfully adopted by executives from NASA, Microsoft, and Dell, to name but a few.

The goal is to master all of your work-life challenges whilst also enjoying your precious free-time.

Burnout prevention for staff

Cooperation. Development. Protection.

Burnout prevention for staff

 Your staff provide the most valuable support in bringing your ideas to life and allowing your organization to flourish. But, do you know just how big a threat burnout is for your staff?

Providing staff with essential information

  • what burnout is
  • the causes of burnout
  • how to detect it in themselves or others
  • what they can do to stay physically healthy and in great shape mentally

is the key to dynamic teamwork, effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, burnout-awareness can help you save enormous costs and further stress because of staff absence, long-term sickness, and consequent staff reorganization, training and optimization-lag.

    About Klaus

    • Expert in burnout prevention and resilience training
    • Leadership-coach, trainer and speaker in international companies und educational organisations
    • Lecturer at the European Peace University (EPU), Donau Universität Krems, Fachhochschule Pinkafeld
    • Franchise trainer for a company that worked successfully with NASA, Microsoft and Dell
    • Extensive work-experience in the USA and fluent in English


    A taste of accomplishments

    • Camp leader of, and team-builder at, an international peace camp with traumatized young adults from Israel and Palestine
    • Introduction of a new course, “Intercultural Learning” at the European Peace University
    • Leader of an international educational exchange program between Austria and Finland