Englisch Intensivkurs Wien


Your time is precious, your work schedule tight. You are a high achiever, a manager, the boss!  Your main professional weakness is a lack of good English, but you need it now more than ever in your career.

Like many, you avoid small talk for a lack of general English vocabulary and rusty grammar and worry about your pronunciation, too.

The good news is English 4 Professionals (E4P) is here to support and guide you to new levels of confidence when speaking English. You’ll be able to concentrate on the main task in hand: confidently chairing a meeting, delivering a successful presentation, heading an international negotiation, or doing well at interview – and all with control, composure and positive body language.

The problems

  • Limited vocabulary and weak grammar
  • Weak grammar
  • Poor pronunciation
  • Presentation stage fright
  • A dread of small talk
  • No time, no coach, no plan

The solutions

  • Your long-term, personal English coach and mentor – in Vienna and online
  • Exclusive, tailor-made coaching programme to meet your professional needs
  • Accelerated learning in minimum time
  • Coaching flexibility
  • Methodology to match your learning style and state of mind
  • Extensive talk-time using and repeating your target vocabulary and verbs.

Our offer:

What: Exclusive 1 to 4 hour/day, 1 to 4 week INTENSIVE 1-to-1 English Coaching

How:  Learn effectively and effortlessly with our methodology

Price: Designed to fit your budget and time-plan

Bonus: No surcharge for 1- to- 2 (two) English Coaching if you wish to share coaching with a partner

Coach: British native speaker from English 4 Professionals, CELTA-qualified or similar

When: From 07:00 to 21:00, Mon. to Fri. (weekends may also be possible)

Where: At our facilities at Westbahnhof or online

1st step: A free trial session to discuss your needs and to ensure the right trainer-chemistry

Englisch Intensivkurs Riesenrad
Englisch Intensivkurs Hofsburg
Englisch Intensivkurs Wien

Optional extras:

  • Business lunches and small talk training with your native-British trainer
  • Dynamic 1-to-2 sessions at no extra cost if your partner wishes to join in
  • Create your own group of friends/colleagues for intensive coaching
  • Summer INTENSIVE coaching is also offered in Southampton, UK
  • English Coaching & Ski

All our English trainers are CELTA-qualified, British native speakers and each is university educated in a specific discipline. This ensures you get the best possible professional language-learning support.

Effective learning in the shortest time

In order to learn English as effectively as possible, we use the best learning methodology for you! Everyone learns differently: some people memorise whole sentences (not very effective!), others, just keywords. Some are very visual: colour, pictures, sketches, mind-maps, famous sayings and music, – all can help to increase learning effectiveness. Some people are early birds, others, night owls. Some work better standing up, others are most creative while out walking in a park. Some need two strong coffees before the brain starts working, others, a bar of chocolate. Tell us how you best-operate, and we will tailor the programme as appropriate.

Many professionals aim for perfectionism. As a consequence, they find it hard to put a sentence together in English in fear of making a grammatical mistake. But that in itself is their biggest mistake!

Rule 1: Make mistakes and get used to it, then get over it.
Rule 2: Talk as often as possible in English, even to yourself in the mirror.
Rule 3: Read, write, listen to the radio (no body language to help you, unlike with TV)
Rule 4: Learn to listen – try repeating everything you hear.

Take the opportunity English 4 Professionals (E4P) offers to upgrade your English quickly and effectively. We will identify your weaknesses and eliminate them accordingly. No longer will you suffer small talk or stage fright. With the support of our highly motivated English language training experts you will be able to speak English more confidently and fluently from the very first coaching session. And, most importantly: speaking English will be enjoyable!