Englischkurs für Kinder Wien
Englischkurse Wien für Schüler

Kids & Students One-to-One coaching / Group*

*Coaching in self-made groups


Did your child get another bad mark in the school English test?
Do you want him/her to obtain a 1 instead of a 5 next time?

Our specialized British native-speakers can coach your child personally (one-to-one), helping him/her to master the language successfully and make it fun in the process.

We can either come to your home or your child can come to our office at Westbahnhof, as you prefer.


School groups

Why not organize a small, weekly group of after-school English coaching for your child and his/her classmates in the school classroom? One of our specialized native-British trainers will be delighted to coach the group.



The date of the Matura-exam is fast approaching and you need some help with preparation for the English exam?
Relax – we are here to help you!

Our qualified British native-speakers will coach you through the English syllabus and get you back on track with a newfound focus and confidence.

We can either come to your home or you can come to our facilities, as you prefer.


Future Leaders – Next Generation

1-to-1 mentoring from Stuart Simpson, MD:

Getting a 1 in English at school is nice, but being able to confidently hold a student speech on stage, capturing the audience by use of appropriate body language and technique is a very different art indeed.

Each year Stuart coaches a select-few students individually (from the age of 10 upwards) in preparation for entrance to the best universities and a top professional career. Coaching between 60 to 90 minutes a week over a number of years, Stuart will guide your sibling into the real world.


Analysing weekly BBC articles, videos and other hot topics, your child will develop exponentially, gaining an above-average increase in world knowledge, wisdom, know-how and self-confidence.


Your child will flourish academically and mature much faster than his/her peers to become a star-performer, leaving fellow students far behind in the race for academic success. Without stressing your child with homework, Stuart simply treats him/her as a young adult, mentoring and motivating appropriately.


Previous topics:

Why is London the global city?

Is success happiness, or happiness success?

What do the following organisations do: NATO, G7, OPEC, IAEA, WTO, etc..?

Why did Britain and France attack Libya but not Syria?

Will artificial Intelligence eventually kill us all?

The hidden psychology of failure.


This service is for those parents with big ideas, vision and great expectations.

Prices on request.


Coaching & Mentoring – from age 10 to Top London University
„I have known Stuart for a very long time. He has coached and supported me for eight years. From the very first lesson, when I was only ten years old, we found a common language and full understanding. Stuart not only helped me to profoundly develop my English skills, but also to grow as a person, form a critical thinking and to broaden my horizon whilst discussing a wide array of global topics. His teaching methods are truly unique: you progress not only in your language competencies but scale up your overall knowledge in a diverse spectrum of subjects ranging from economics to politics and history. Whereas most teachers decide to bombard you with unnecessary amounts of grammar exercises and impractical sets of tasks, Stuart avoided these monotonous approaches of teaching. Together with him, we read and discussed BBC-website articles, talked over conspiracy theories, reviewed modern forms of false information or how Donald Trump likes to call it: “fake news”, watched and analysed professional TED-speeches and TV-show business investment presentations. Furthermore, he taught me how to utilise mind-maps and improved my rhetorical skills for making, for instance, school presentations or holding public speeches. With Stuart’s support, I was able to successfully apply for a 3-year Bachelor programme at a prestigious London university. Admittedly speaking, Stuart has not only helped me to reach a very high level in English language proficiency, as I obtained the C1 level language certificate and passed the English Matura exam with a final pass-mark of 99%, but he also gave me a good grounding in world politics, current affairs and business topics and helped me discover my affection for British culture. I would like to thank him for his help, support and encouragement through this long educational journey and would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a top-level professional.“

Severyn Omelyan, Vienna, and CASS Business School, City, University of London