Business Englisch in Wien mit Native Speaker

Business English for Companies and Private Clients

Do you need English in your job and now want to brush up on your Business English quickly with the minimum of effort? Then let English 4 Professionals (E4P) help you upgrade your language skills effectively and effortlessly – whether by improving your pronunciation, widening your vocabulary or fixing those grammar mistakes.

These improvements will have a positive effect on your self-confidence in the workplace and enable you to manage both small talk and challenging work-based situations.

Our offer:

  • 1-to-1 or group coaching for companies, tailor-made to suit your needs and expectations
  • 1-to-1 coaching for private clients, tailor-made to suit your needs and expectations
  • Widening of your vocabulary, improvement in your grammar and pronunciation, and enhancement of your speaking ability and fluency
  • Considerable increase in your self-confidence when speaking in English
  • The advantages of our CELTA-qualified, British native speakers. Each has a university degree and years of experience as an English training specialist
  • The benefits of tailored training methods and learning techniques for quick, effective and noticeable improvement in your English language skills
  • Maximum flexibility based on your schedule and desired time frame
  • Face-2-Face Coaching at a location of your choice
  • Free in-house trial session for private clients in Vienna with one of our native English trainers to discuss your needs and to ensure the right chemistry.



We offer Business English coaching tailor made for you by our qualified language trainers.

We will help prepare you to achieve your goal: be it giving a successful presentation to investors or simply getting you ready for that critical job interview.

Whatever your needs, you can rely on our absolute discretion.



Face-2-Face 1-2-1 English coaching at Westbahnhof

Online English 1-2-1 coaching

  • Business and Finance
  • Marketing, PR and Media
  • Management and Human Resources
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Medicine and Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Law
  • Real Estate
  • Dynamic Presentations and Communication across Cultures
  • International Negotiations
Business Englisch Wien

Effective learning with English 4 Professionals

To learn Business English as effectively as possible, we plan your English training based on your actual level and requirements. As a result, your weaknesses are quickly identified and eliminated. With the support of our highly motivated English language training experts you will be able to speak English more confidently and fluently from the very first coaching session. And, most importantly: speaking English will be enjoyable!

Under the guidance of our trainers and with intensive, practical exercises, you will gain ever more competence in Business English with each individual coaching session. We continuously improve your English language abilities ensuring you acquire maximum linguistic benefit.

You will be pleasantly surprised just how quickly, confidently and fluently you are able to put sentences together with verbs and structures from your business discipline you had previously avoided using. English 4 Professionals (E4P) will get you linguistically fit for your job and push you to the next level.

English coaching for your business area

Each corporate English course and individual English coaching session is designed with your specific needs in mind. In addition, we offer you a non-binding meeting in which we can establish your existing language level and discuss and formulate your language-learning goals to achieve maximum learning success.

From experience we know that almost everyone who learns a new language is afraid of making mistakes. By trying to achieve perfection in each sentence, you lower your chances of making rapid improvement. We recommend you practise speaking English as often as possible (even to yourself!) – you will notice the difference.

Rule 1: Make mistakes and get used to it, then get over it.
Rule 2: Talk as often as possible in English, even to yourself in the mirror.
Rule 3: Read, write, listen to the radio (no body language to help you, unlike with TV)
Rule 4: Learn to listen – try repeating everything you hear.

Your English trainer from English 4 Professionals

All our English trainers are CELTA-qualified, British native speakers. In addition, each is university educated in a specific discipline. This ensures you get the best possible professional language-learning support.